Injection Moulding

Advancing the mettle of moulding.

Factors such as design needs, budget and viability to manufacture, decide which casting process is most suitable to manufacture a product. And on the basis of that, we offer Injection Moulding, a no-fuss manufacturing process for producing rubber and plastic parts by injecting molten material into the moulds. It helps us produce plastic or rubber-based products with ease and finesse. Their finishing is so detailed that the manufactured parts hardly ever require any more polishing after the production. After being ejected from the moulds, the parts have almost a finished appearance. Presently, this has also become an eco-friendly technique, along with being simple, reliable and efficient. Even the plastic scrap generated in the process is recycled and reused, ensuring there’s little to no waste left.

Here’s why you can trust Injection Moulding
Technique for making parts & products

Fine Features & Intricate Geometry

Complex and intricate shapes which are presumed to be complicated or otherwise expensive, are easily formed owing to the high pressure during the molding process.

Optimum Efficiency

Once the presses of the moulds are programmed as per the requirement and preference, the actual moulding process is quick and hassle-free. The high output rate of production makes it more cost effective and efficient.

Enhanced Strength

Plastic injection process has options to make particular parts more durable and dense as per the need. This is uncommon in all other techniques.

Ability to Use Multiple Materials at a Time

With the help of co-injection moulding, more than one type of plastic can be injected without worry and at one time to make a single part or product.

Automation to Save Manufacturing Costs

This method is fully automated and operated by robotics and machines. As the overheads for labour reduces significantly, so does the manufacturing cost.