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A Replication of real-life scene!

Vishwastratis LLP helped a large movie house to replicate a match scene played in past year and the important part of story line.

Challenge : To replicate a match scene played in past year

Technology used: SLA- Formlabs form 2 + Post-processing

Material: White

Duration: 3 Days

miniature copy
miniature FINAL
miniature SQ
A Replica of real-life Soccer match

This is from one of our favourite and interesting prototyped projects!

One of our clients from VFX industry wanted to replicate the scene of the soccer match played in past year and to replicate that scene they come to us, to create the stadium’s 3D Printed Model.

Developing the prototype

To create the miniature, we helped client in making design files and as it was having fine details and needed to replicate with at most accuracy, we suggested 3D print it with DLP technology.

DLP – Figure 4 was the best fit in all the requirements and it got printed in just one day! Painting and some post processed were done on this to reach out the final outcome.

The final outcome was an exact replication of what they wanted. The client was amazed by the cute and tiny miniatures having all the details and smooth surface finished.

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