Vacuum Casting

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At Vishwastratis, it’s all about innovation and precision. We employ our best tools to help you create what you want, in the most efficient and optimum manner. Vacuum Casting is one such service. It is an iteration technique used for producing samples or versions of functional plastic parts, through the use of silicone moulds. Its catch is the silky smooth, fine surface finish. Its ability to cast complex shapes with thin walls enables us to make a quick high-quality prototype or end-use product.
Vacuum Casting is extensively availed to create functional prototypes for marketing and consumer testings or production parts for lower volume. These tests, be it mechanical or visual, require functional prototypes without incurring a large cost and time delay. A wide range of materials are used in Vacuum casting to furnish its work – ABS, PP, Glass-filled material, PC, wax and rubber. Best for batch production, it is quite significant in bringing out the economies of scale.

Here’s why you should consider Vacuum Casting
for prototyping a batch


Bear lower costs and quick turnaround times


Along with the economy of scales, manufacture parts in low volume from one to hundreds.


Post processing or finishing are not all required.


A range of plastics from flexible to rigid, can be used.