3D Scanning

Why limit your view, when you can go 3D?

At Vishwastartis we go beyond the call of duty to make the world of product development, dimensionally more fathomable and accurate. And to facilitate the same, one of the most prominent tools we have in our apparatus is 3D scanning. It is a contactless, damageless technology that analyzes and captures a real-world physical object, collecting data on its shape, size and appearance through laser lights. This enables us to analyse and study a model without disassembling or destructing it.
As a revolutionary technology, 3D scanning can be employed at various phases of the product development process; from manufacturing, engineering and designing, to development, surveying and testing. Apart from scaling physical objects for prototyping, we put it to use in idea check, product designing, engineering, production, quality assurance as well as distribution. However, there are multiple ways to utilise 3D Scanning technology as per the need of the product and designs – Reverse Engineering, 3D Inspection, Laser Tracker Inspection and CMM Measurements.

Still wondering the ‘why’ before resorting to the 3D Scanning?
This might provide perspective:

  • Captures all of the physical measurements of a real object in real time
  • Ensures that all the parts fit together perfectly, on the first try itself.
  • Apply modern manufacturing ideas on parts that were originally built before CAD.
  • Collate ‘as-designed’ model to ‘as-built’ condition of manufactured parts.
  • Encapsulates engineering optimizations that are innate in manufactured parts.
  • Saves time, money and efforts in designing.