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3D Scanning

Still wondering the ‘why’ before resorting to the 3D Scanning?

Enables to analyse and study a model without disassembling or destructing it. The scan data can be used to either replicate the part (Reverse-engineering) or for dimensional analysis (Inspection).

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reverse engineeringReverse Engineering
  • From shape to CAD model
  • Archiving of tools and cultural heritage
  • Everything from small details to large parts
  • Easy 3D inspection of wear and tear
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Trend analysis for multiple evaluations
quality controlQuality Control
  • Nominal-actual comparison
  • Functional dimensioning
  • Shop floor inspection
Why limit your view, when you can go 3D?

As a revolutionary technology, 3D scanning can be employed at various phases of the product development process; from manufacturing, engineering and designing, to development, surveying and testing. Apart from scaling physical objects for prototyping, we put it to use in idea check, product designing, engineering, production, quality assurance as well as distribution. However, there are multiple ways to utilise 3D Scanning technology as per the need of the product and designs – Reverse Engineering, 3D Inspection, Laser Tracker Inspection and CMM Measurements.

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