Investment Casting

Bringing imaginations to life.

Prototyping has been a prevalent practice in product development and manufacturing for ages. And the one method that has been around since the idea itself is investment casting. As one of the oldest metal-casting techniques, investment casting is also known as lost-wax casting. In it the prototypes are created by pouring metal into the wax moulds which are later melted once the metal takes shape.
It is simple, fast and cost-effective and is readily used for producing precise components while keeping material waste, energy, and subsequent machining to the minimum. It is also put to use in the production of intricate and fine parts. As a tried and tested technique for the design engineers, it has its own range of advantages.

Here are a few advantages of
Investment Casting Process

Size Range

Although, mostly the investment castings are done for small products, it can produce castings weighing from tens to thousands of pounds.

Versatile And Intricacy

It delivers consistent and repetitive close tolerances paired with intricate passages and contours. These configurations often births fine net-shape or near-net-shape casts.

Texture And Finishing

As an alternative to smooth fabricating, Investment casting produces parts with accuracy and reduces its complexity.

Quality And Integrity

With time, comes experience and expertise, just as history has brought the same for this technique of manufacturing.

Dimensional Accuracy

The preciseness of the parts’ dimensional requirements are well replicated in this technique.